*New* Style Your Home with Sarah • Custom E -Design Boards

E Design Board Services 📺Virtually, we get to collaborate to create a custom design board that reflects your Favorite design style. This board will serve as a road map for your project, providing you with a clear vision of how all the elements of design come together. Multiple options to choose from!

Budget Friendly!

Your home will be designed and styled like a pro!

Custom Built Designer Market Homes – If the building process isn’t something you desire, we understand! Our custom designed homes are built specifically to be featured on the market, are perfect for you. We’ve made all the hard choices, like the layout, design and location! The floorplans are well thought out to be fully functional for any type of family. Each market home is designed individually and has its own character, design style, layout, and ready for you to move into!

Our custom-designed houses are built specifically for the market, perfect for anyone if the building process isn’t something you’re familiar with. The homes are unique and beautiful, and they are fully functional for any lifestyle of families. We offer individualized custom-built homes taking away all of the stress and decisions of building a house on your own. Learn more about the homes we currently have on the market here.

Custom Homes– We also offer custom home design and management for your project from dream to reality. we provide 3D drawings to help clients visualize their future home and make informed decisions. You can choose from one of our many floor plans and customize them to fit your family’s specific needs.

Commerical Projects – whether you are looking for a new office build out, new retail space, or a sales showroom, we have the experience to bring your vision to life. We will cater to the need of your business and your unique needs.



Roger Grendahl, Project Manager


Sarah Grendahl, Designer