Rolling Hills Master Bathroom

I love starting a project designing on my computer program. It’s the easiest way to experiment with ideas! I want our Rolling Hills Master bathroom design to be exceptional, and offer something that you don’t see in other homes.

The safe way would to do white cabinets. I love white cabinets in a bathroom. They are classic and clean. But if I want exceptional, I need a pop of color. Since I’m going with a coastal farmhouse theme, a shade of blue/green will be the fit perfect in the design. Going with black fixtures is timeless and brings in the farmhouse design aspect.

I’m also going to be using some shiplap in the house design. So bringing this feature into the master bathroom will tie the rooms together. This of course, is a conceptual view of how the bathroom will look, and the colors may vary a bit. But I think we are off to a good start! Stay tuned for the custom tiled shower design!! It’s going to be amazing!

Rolling Hills Progress

Our Rolling Hills house has made a lot of exciting progress the last couple weeks! We have a framed and sheeted house with windows, doors, and all the rough in for plumbing, HVAC and electrical is happening. Soon the fun interior choices begin!

Interior finish board

I’m staying very close to my original design board of this house. I’m very attached to it! I can’t wait to see it come to life.

I’ve put a lot of thought into the exterior of this house. I love and appreciate a classic look of a home. So I’ve kept that in mind while choosing the exterior materials and colors.

If this house speaks to you, please contact us! We’d love to show you around. We’ve had so many compliments regarding the floor plan and layout of this house. It’s perfect for a small family or a growing family!

My goal of this whole Design is to bring a family home. ❤️

Rolling Hills Inspiration Board

While most people were off relaxing on Labor Day weekend, I spent the weekend obsessing over the design details of our new spec house. Once I start getting inspired, I can’t quit, and let’s face it, Labor Day sales are hard to pass up!

This board is a sneak peak of what I have in mind. I am so inspired by the coastal Farmhouse style.

I am very excited to bring this house to life! Framing starts in just two weeks!

Rolling Hills

Our next custom spec is currently under construction! I am so excited about the design concept of this house. It will have a coastal farmhouse feel that mixes elements of old and new, using metal, wood, and bright white paint colors to bring this home a clean traditional look.

This home is located on a corner lot in the Country Hills Subdivision. It has established trees with plenty of shade and sunshine. I have to admit, I am a bit envious of this lot. We have been eyeing it for a couple years actually and when it returned back on the market we jumped on it.

This time we are putting the house on the market before it is finished. This will give potential home buyers a chance to add their own personal touches.

I am excited to share the design process of this house with you! Stay tuned to be part of the building process.

My Favorite Room in the House

My husband I built our current house about 3 years ago. When we were deciding on a floor plan, I paid close attention to the kitchen space. Kitchens are my favorite place in any house. Its where I spend most of my time at home. I love to cook, and I cook almost every night. Except Fridays, I like Fridays off.

A large island was my number one priority, and plenty of cabinet space. Our house prior to this one had very little cabinet space. I clearly remember unpacking and sitting there on the floor and wondering what am I going to do with all of my stuff? This kitchen is packed with storage. I no longer have to store my kitchen items in an entry room closet.

Kitchens are not just my favorite place to hang out, they are my favorite room to design. Choosing our cabinet style was easy, but my husband and I couldn’t agree on a wood choice. So we compromised and did two. The island is a statement with the grey stain, chosen by my husband, and I got my warm stained maple cabinets.

I have to say, every morning I come down to the kitchen and I truly appreciate it. Especially when the aroma of coffee fills the room!

Tiny House Living

I teamed up with The Dakota Adventist Academy again for this tiny house project. The students built and designed this tiny house, and I was asked to stage it again for the Bismarck Mandan Home Show. I absolutely love staging this space. It’s fun to imagine living in this space, and how a person would use it.

As soon as I got off the phone with them I started a mental checklist in my head. I have a room in our basement full of staging items, and I also shop the rooms of my house. I love how it all came together. Its modern, chic, a little bit of farmhouse, and tiny!

Another fun thing about this project was that I had an interior design student reach out to me on her spring break to see if I had any projects she could help with or job shadow with. This was the perfect project! It was fun to meet with her and visit about her college experience! She is attending the same college I went to in Alexandria, MN!

Just Start

I was organizing my office today, and I came across my college portfolio from 2002! Just Opening that up tugged at my heart strings. It reminded me of all the hours I sat in my tiny apartment bedroom and worked on projects. I LOVED Design school. It brought out all of my creative energy. I cant even tell you the hours I spent on school projects!

We knew in college that many of us would graduate, and not find a job in Interior Design. Not because we weren’t good enough, but because there wasn’t a lot of jobs to pursue at that time, unless you went on to a big city. or working at a big box home improvement store. That ended up being the case for me. I worked in design for a few months as an office designer. I did not find a lot of joy in that job. I wasn’t able to be creative, and it was basically putting puzzle pieces together. So instead, I used my skills in our personal homes throughout the years. Which really led me to where we are now, building houses.

Many people don’t love the building process, but we love it. My favorite part is walking through a home that just got framed. its so great to see the plans on paper come to life.

My point to this whole story is, even though I didn’t pursue a job in design the past 15 years, it’s always been my passion. It hasn’t gone away. I don’t love design just because of Chip and Joanna Gaines, or HGTV. (I mean, they are my mentors even though they don’t know that!) I Love it because it brings me joy, And when I opened up that portfolio today it brought me so much joy, and it was a good reminder that it doesn’t matter when you start, just start!

My point to this whole story is, even though I didn’t pursue a job in design the past 15 years, it’s always been my passion. It hasn’t gone away. I don’t love design just because of Chip and Joanna Gaines, or HGTV. (I mean, they are my mentors even though they don’t know that!) I Love it because it brings me joy, And when I opened up that portfolio today it brought me so much joy, and it was a good reminder that it doesn’t matter when you start, just start!

Christmas Joy for Tiny Living

My latest project was so much fun! I was asked to decorate a house for the Holiday Home Walk, here in Bismarck, ND.    I was partnered up with the Dakota Adventist Academy to bring some Christmas Joy to their tiny house project.

I couldn’t wait to see the space, and I  was blown away by the tiny house! We’ve all seen the Tiny House Nation shows, but to be in one was very cool.  This whole project was built by students at the Dakota Adventist Academy.  They planned, designed and built the entire house. They did an amazing job.

Once I seen the space I went into vision board mode.  I knew immediately I wanted to bring the modern farmhouse charm to this space.  I am also so drawn to the buffalo plaid Christmas décor, I knew I wanted to incorporate that into the Christmas design.

Decorating a tiny house had its challenges.  I felt like a human puzzle piece! I wasn’t just adding Christmas décor to the space, I staged the house with furniture pieces to give it a lived in feel.   Once I got all my pieces into place I was able to edit out, and bring in better pieces to suit the space.

Decorating this space for Christmas was one of my favorite projects. I am so gratefully to be teamed up with an amazing project!

Happy Decorating!

Scenic Hills Home Tour Continues

The home tour continues on!  Today I will share the bedrooms with you.  I love this master bedroom.  I have to admit, I even like it better than my own master bedroom. It’s spacious, and has room for a sitting nook. It also has a tray ceiling and recessed lightning.

The other two bedrooms were staged as kids bedrooms. They are a nice size room and each could easily hold two kids, be used as a guest room, or even be used as an office. Both rooms have large-sized windows and extra deep closets.

My secrets in staging include Hobby Lobby, Wal-Mart and Target again! My favorite find was the metal bed at 🙌🏻

Master Bedroom Bliss
Mid Century Modern Nursery

Pottery Barn inspired little girls room