Tiny House Living

I teamed up with The Dakota Adventist Academy again for this tiny house project. The students built and designed this tiny house, and I was asked to stage it again for the Bismarck Mandan Home Show. I absolutely love staging this space. It’s fun to imagine living in this space, and how a person would use it.

As soon as I got off the phone with them I started a mental checklist in my head. I have a room in our basement full of staging items, and I also shop the rooms of my house. I love how it all came together. Its modern, chic, a little bit of farmhouse, and tiny!

Another fun thing about this project was that I had an interior design student reach out to me on her spring break to see if I had any projects she could help with or job shadow with. This was the perfect project! It was fun to meet with her and visit about her college experience! She is attending the same college I went to in Alexandria, MN!

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